Privacy Policy
The Privacy Policy (hereinafter – «Policy») determines what Personal Data of User (hereinafter – «User») is collected, processed, and stored during the use of the website (hereinafter – «goodjob» or «Website»). To protect User's privacy, during processing of their Personal Data is a priority for goodjob. Registering on the Website, as a User, you give consent to the collection and processing of Personal Data and confirm that you have read the contents of this Policy and agree to its terms in order to use goodjob.

The basis and purpose of processing
All Personal Data collected by goodjob is processed upon the User`s consent and in the manner prescribed by the legislation on Personal Data protection.
The purpose of the data processing is:
  -  use of goodjob and services available;
  -  feedback and answers to the User’s questions and requests;
  -  customization of the services User receives;
  -  sending notifications to User, provided they have confirmed to receive them.

Processed Personal Data
Administrator processes only those Personal Data which are necessary for the purpose above, namely: User`s name, professional activity, areas of interest, User`s contact information, provided directly by User or via third-party services during registration (Apple, Facebook, Google, etc.). Administrator also processes information that becomes known automatically, such as User`s IP address and User`s activity on the Website.
Additional information may be provided by User at their own discretion or within communication between Administrator and User, in the content of messages they send to goodjob, as well as in the attached files. However, Administrator does not ask User to provide any other additional information unless Administrator has appropriate reasons.

Processing of sensitive Personal Data
Administrator collects information about User’s professional activity during their use of Website and upon their consent. This information is necessary to obtain the most effective experience from the use of goodjob. This information is not processed to discriminate User on this basis or for the purpose of transferring information to any third parties.
Administrator does not collect or process other sensitive categories of User’s Personal Data through goodjob. Any attempts to collect such categories of Personal Data on Administrator`s behalf are illegal and irrelevant to Administrator`s activities as well as the operation of Website. If any sensitive Personal Data are provided by User additionally, their processing is carried out exclusively with the measures provided by law implied.

User`s rights
User has equal rights in the field of Personal Data protection, namely:
  - The right to be informed
  - The right of access
  - The right to rectification
  - The right of erasure («the right to be forgotten»)
  - The right to restriction processing
  - The right to data portability
  - The right to object
  - The right to avoid automated decision-making.
User also has the right to be notified of the loss or leakage of Personal Data within 72 hours of detection of such fact. In order to obtain any information and satisfy the listed rights, User should contact Administrator through the contact details provided in this Policy.

Processing term
Administrator processes Personal Data only for the period of the Website use, but no longer than the term provided by the legislation on Personal Data protection.

Storage of Personal Data
Administrator stores Personal Data as long as such retention is deemed appropriate by Administrator for the purposes of providing quality services.

Security measures
Administrator adheres to the best practices of Personal Data protection and take all necessary technical and organizational measures envisaged by the appropriate legislation and information security standards, I.A. ISO27001. While using goodjob through third-party services (Apple, Facebook, Google, etc.), Administrator checks whether these services maintain an appropriate level of Personal Data protection. The issue of privacy protection during the use of such services is covered by their privacy policies. Administrator bears no responsibility for access to User’s Personal Data Administrator processes in the event of hacking or unauthorized access to the device, with the help of which the use of goodjob is carried out.

Transfer of Personal Data to third parties
In order to provide Services to the User via Website, Administrator may transfer Personal Data to third parties (both individuals and legal entities) that will act as controllers of personal data. Administrator ensures that such parties are compliant with the requirements of the legislation on personal data protection and this Policy at the same time. In other cases, User’s Personal Data is not transferred to third parties, except as provided by legislation.

Administrator may update this Policy from time to time. If Administrator decides to make significant changes to this Policy, User will receive a notification from Administrator and will be able to review the updated version of the Policy. By continuous use of goodjob, User agrees with the updated Policy version.

Contact information
For any clarifications regarding the processing of Personal Data, send an e-mail at: